In the beginning..

I have always been bigger than I should be. I remember when I was little and I knew that I was different to my friends. I was always the chubby kid. My Mum always cooked lush dinners and I will never forget her rule at dinner.. ‘You can’t leave the table until your plate is empty’. The thing is, my Mum is a bit of a feeder so it was a disaster waiting to happen. My brother was lucky as he was always a normal size – he was really active as a kid so this most definitely saved him from chubbiness. Me on the other hand was not the active type..


Secondary school was fun. Again, I was bigger than a lot of kids in my year. I was so insecure but always put on a front. I acted like I was confident but inside I would pray that nobody called me ‘fat Jade’ or ‘little miss piggy’ that day. Again, my Mum didn’t help bless her, she always put a jam donut in my lunch everyday (which I LOVED at the time). Although the name calling was worse on some days than others, I had a really lovely group of friends who made my school days memorable for good reasons. We were all so different but we all stuck together. When I look back on my school days I always remember having so much fun, and although there were some bad times, the good times always out weigh the bad.

My first job was in a hair salon, I was on my feet for 12 hours a day and was always on the go. I wasn’t eating as much as I was so busy so this teamed with being more active resulted in some weight loss. I was fitting in to size 14 clothes and I was so happy. I know a size 14 isn’t seen as being ‘slim’ but I had always been bigger so being able to fit in to Topshop clothes was such an achievement for me – I was so proud to shop in normal places!

After a few years I left the salon and went in to office work where I remain to this day. I sit behind a desk, I only get up to pop to the loo and I don’t take lunch breaks. I don’t really drink tea or coffee so don’t even get up to flick the kettle on. Over the years my weight has gradually increased, my job and the fact that I don’t watch what I eat has been a bad baaaaad combination.

I joined SW for the first time in January 2015 in Oakham with my boyfriend and it was a game changer. I loved everyone who went to the group and the group leader was so supportive and just amazingly dedicated to SW. We went for about a year and I lost 3.5 stone. Towards the end of 2015 we had a lot going on in our lives so we stopped going in November. We returned in early 2016 for a month or so, but again, lots of personal stuff happened and we never returned to group. Although I have loved having the freedom to eat what I want and not worry about weighing food or thinking about every bite, I have not loved that fact that I have put on every single pound I lost. Great work Jade, well done.

So, I told myself that once some of our stuff had been sorted then I would go back to SW to finish off what I started in 2015. So, that is exactly what I am going to do and I am going to do it now.

I have moved to a new town so will be attending my first group tomorrow (11/01/2017). I know a few things have changed with SW so I will be sat in the newbie circle to catch up on all the new stuff. My boyfriend Alex will also be attending with me (like he did last time). He was such a great support and lifted my spirits when I was down. I couldn’t have done it without him so I am so pleased he wants to do it with me again.

My Slimming World goals this year are:

  • To lose the 3.5 stone I have put back on
  • To lose an extra stone on top of the above – so a total weight loss of 4.5 stone this year
  • To go to group every week
  • To be realistic and happy with small losses (as they all add up)
  • To not feel disheartened if I have a gain and to stay positive that I will lose it again the following week.

I honestly cannot wait to get started and I am going to share my highs and lows with my blog. If you are here with me, on SW or not, please feel free to get in touch. I would love to share recipes and ideas or just have a good old chat.


Me now (on the right, obvs)


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