Weigh Day Wednesday – 1 & 2

I know its not Wednesday. I have been a bit rubbish with keeping this thing up to date with my weight losses thus far. I promise to update this weekly. Honest!

Week 1

Went really well, rediscovered my love for SW pulled pork and spag bol (well, linguine bol). Slow cooker had a dusting off and I ate a tonne of cabbage!


Was pretty chuffing chuffed with this, this was bigger than my first loss when I did SW the first time around.

6lbs total

Week 2

Again, ate a tonne of cabbage. I used all of my syns, started drinking my favourite HEA choice of Alpo Almond Dark Chocolate again (I have never been a cheese kinda girl and I don’t really drink tea or coffee). Was hoping for a 2lb loss.


Was over the moon, couldn’t stop smiling, was on top of the world!

10lbs total

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